Is Home Decorators Collection Ceiling Fans Good Quality?

Similarly, Are Hampton Bay and home decorators the same?

We make fans for a number of Home Depot brands, particularly Hampton Bay and Home Decorators Collection. Consumer care representatives from Home Depot and TAL collaborate to offer customer assistance; however, TAL handles motor warranty servicing and more technical situations.

Also, it is asked, How do I contact my Home Decorators Collection?

You may reach our Customer Service & Design Center toll-free at 866-373-9131, or fill out the form below and a Customer Specialist will contact you.

Secondly, What should I look for when buying a ceiling fan?

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Ceiling Fan (1) Energy conservation. (2) More powerful fans are required in larger rooms. (3) Ceiling fans for the bathroom and outside. (4) Pitch and Size of Fan Blades (5)The Engine. (6) Select a lighting style and kit that complements your decor. (7) Think about the warranty. (8)Installation.

Also, How many blades on a ceiling fan is best?

Indoor and outdoor ceiling fans benefit from three fan blades for maximum efficiency. Fans with four or five blades, on the other hand, will offer appropriate air circulation but will have additional installation and overall performance issues, such as weight, noise, and power demand.

People also ask, How much does a good ceiling fan cost?

The cost of a new ceiling fan may range from $50 to $1,400. Size, materials, and particular features all influence price. Standard flush-mounted ceiling fans cost more than ceiling fans with remote controls, LED lights, and high-end finishes. This is the part of your budget where you have the greatest control.

Related Questions and Answers

Which fan is better 1200 mm or 1400mm?

For a small space (less than 10′ x 10′), a fan with a sweep of 1050mm is usually adequate. A fan with a sweep of 1200mm to 1400mm would be required for a larger space (10′ x 12′ to 12′ x 12′). If the space is larger than 12′ x 12′, at least two or more fans with appropriate sweep sizes should be installed.

Which fan is best for bedroom?

Best Fans for Bedrooms Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier Fan is the best overall. Holmes Oscillating Floor Fan is the best value. evaPOLAR evaSMART Personal Air Cooler is the best portable fan. Hunter Signal with LED Ceiling Fan is the best luxury ceiling fan. Westinghouse Lighting Origami Indoor Ceiling Fan is the best value ceiling fan.

How do I choose a high speed fan?

Customers interested in fan speed should look at the fan’s RPM (Rotations per minute of the blades). The conventional 1200 mm (48) fan rotates at 300/350 RPM, whilst the Hi-Speed fan rotates at about 380/390 RPM. A ceiling fan should be positioned around 7-9 feet above the ground.

Are Crompton fans made in China?

Almost all electronics are built in China, then imported to India and marketed under Indian brand names like Crompton, Usha, and Micromax. China’s economies of scale are such that a single compressor manufacturer produces more than all of India’s manufacturing combined!

Is candes fan a good brand?

This Candes star has a nice shape and color. The fan speed is also acceptable, and it runs quietly. The air supply is adequate, and I enjoy Candes’ three-year guarantee. So far, no dislikes; however, I’ve found that this fan takes a few seconds longer to achieve maximum speed than other branded fans.

Is Home Decorators Collection owned by Home Depot?

Home Depot is correct. Home Depot continues to expand its online home décor collection, acquiring well-known brands like Stylewell and the Home Decorators Collection in the process.

Do Hampton Bay ceiling fans have a lifetime warranty?

The engine on Hampton Bay ceiling fans is covered by a lifetime guarantee, while all other components are covered by a one-year warranty (except the glass). A copy of your receipt may be required for warranty parts replacement.

Is Hampton Bay only sold at Home Depot?

Home Depot sells Hampton Bay items solely as part of their cheap in-house product range, which includes a variety of furniture, lighting, and fans. It is, however, only a brand and not a manufacturer.

How can I tell what brand my ceiling fan is?

The model number for all fans may be found on the part guide or installation manual that came with your ceiling fan. Think beyond the box. On the actual fan. The kind of fan determines the location: ID sticker on top of the motor housing for downrod-mount fans (facing the ceiling of an installed fan)

Are 5 fan blades better than 3?

It is a frequent myth that ceiling fans with five blades function better than those with four or even three blades. Homeowners believe that having five blades equals greater air flow, circulation, and lower cooling costs, but all five blades do is add visual appeal.

What’s the difference between 3 and 4 blade ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans with four blades are quieter and may help circulate cold air in spaces with air conditioning. They have a more fashionable appearance. 4 blade ceiling fans, on the other hand, may circulate air more slowly than 3 blade ceiling fans and are more costly.

Is a 4 blade or 5 blade ceiling fan better?

The performance and noise level of ceiling fans with any number of blades are almost identical.

Are metal fan blades better than plastic?

Although metal blades are significantly noisier than plastic blades, they can move more air. More blades often move more air.

What type of ceiling fan moves the most air?

The most air will be moved with a flush-mount ceiling fan with a high CFM. If you want a lot of air movement in your space, search for a high-flow model with a minimum CFM rating of 7000.

How much should I pay for ceiling fan installation?

Ceiling fan installation costs on average $246, with prices ranging from $144 to $352. Installations that are difficult to reach or intricate might cost up to $600. Labor costs between $100 and $250. Residential fans range in price from $50 to $1,400, while commercial fans may cost up to $3,500.

How much does it cost to remove and install a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fan installation costs are $75 to $150, with most homes paying $150 to $350 for components and labor. Ceiling fan installation costs $50 to $80 per hour and takes 1.5 to 2 hours on average.

What size ceiling fan do I need for a 12x12 room?

What is the meaning of 1200 mm ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan’s air delivery is proportional to its sweep. The 1200 mm sweep length of the blades on this ceiling fan means it can produce the ideal quantity of air for any big area.


Home Decorators Collection is a company that makes ceiling fans. They make both residential and commercial products. The company has been around since the 1970s, making them a trusted name in home decor.

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